7 Creative Ways to Play poker without Chips

I recently discussed poker with a friend while I was over at their house. He questioned whether I could play poker without using chips. After that, I gave it some thought and decided to provide some advice.

Betting or wagering is the foundation of poker games. You’ll need money or some payment if you play poker for fun. It is possible to determine who wins and loses with cash or a substitute for money. The most widely used cash substitute is poker chips.

However, occasionally a spontaneous poker game will take place without any poker chips. Not to worry. You have many additional possibilities in your house or work area. I am aware of this since I looked around my house and workplace for solutions to appease ardent poker players who prefer to play without using chips.

These are some of the more obvious, but not always so obvious, quasi-poker chip options.

1. Spare Change

This is obvious, but you may need to remember your child’s piggy bank or the coins stored in your car’s center console. I did build a $4,000 bankroll using spare money lying around. If I can, you could use your unforeseen savings to play a quick poker game with your friends or family. Rolls of pennies, nickels, dimes, or even all three, might be used. Before deciding who receives the funds, you need to establish the rules.

2. Play Money

Play money from various board games is the most typical source of stray money. The most popular games are Monopoly and Payday. Most certainly, there is a cabinet or closet somewhere that contains one or more of these games. If you have fake money, you can use it to play poker. Pretending that it is genuine money and that you are a high roller is the best part of using fake money.

3. Board game pieces

If you discover that your game collection does not include play money, don’t despair. Other games have game pieces that are perfect substitutes for poker chips. These are just a few games that offer money-altering game pieces. Othello and Connect 4 are two video games that have suitable replacements for poker chips. There is also backgammon accessible. Scrabble tiles could also be used to place a wager.

You can combine and match game pieces from several games to produce enough poker chips. 

4. Dried Foods

You may also utilize dried goods from your kitchen pantry, although your partner might object. Because they are available in massive amounts and don’t make a mess, dry beans, corn, and other legumes are good options. Making some poker chili after boiling them would be much more significant.

Be careful to avoid consuming already-cooked food. Most people can only resist the urge to drink some of the gains. In addition, when everyone at the poker table has touched an M&M, who would want to eat one? This is quite repulsive.

5. Office Supplies

You will only have a few options if you have poker chips if you play an impromptu card game at work. Even so, many items can be used in a poker game. Make sure your boss is not around.

These are some things you might have lying around or in your desk drawer.

  • Paper clips (Preferably color)
  • Tacks
  • Rubber bands
  • Posted Notes (Fold them)

6. Color Popsicle Sticks

Most households, especially those with youngsters, store this choice in a drawer because it is perfect for stacking. I propose breaking each stick into three pieces, so you have more chips. This will significantly increase the variety of your game.

Writing different denominations on each stick doesn’t take long if you don’t have colored popsicles. Giving each person a stack and asking them to write on a different quantity is preferable. The posts might also come in a single denomination.

7. Garage Items

Most garages have many items that come in multiples, which can be used as poker chips. This is especially true for those who have a toolbox that contains almost all of the following:

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Nails
  • Washers
  • Fasteners
  • Electric Terminals

How many “Chips” do you need to play poker?

You will typically need 500 poker chips to play most poker games. For games with fewer than six players, you can get by with 300 poker chips. Although this sounds like a lot, it is not. Most people have several items that can be used as substitutes for poker chips in their homes or offices. If you have coins in rolls, you can distribute them evenly among the players.

Which Game Should We Play?

I recommend only playing short-stacked cash games and tournaments in which the blinds are not rising. This will allow you to play poker without having to buy replacement chips. Your boss or partner might not like you digging around like a groundhog making a mess.

Assigning Denominations

You can’t use real poker chips, so it is best to keep things simple. I recommend that you play 25/50 blinds and give the following “chips” or denominations to players who are in your stack:

  • $25-8 Chips
  • $100 – 8 Chips
  • 500- 2 Chip

Each player will receive $2,000 and 40 big blinds as a starting point. This setup allows for exciting, action-packed games. By signing up for my newsletter, you can get a short guide with charts. You can use my raising ranges and whatever you want to dominate your friends.

What if someone runs out of chips?

I advise that if someone loses, they “rebuy” for a full stack of 20 big blinds (20 or 1,000). This will ensure that no one is left out and others can continue to play deep-stacked.

Other Methods of Playing

You can play against your friends for money if everyone has access to a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Many poker sites offer play-money games that allow you to set up your table and compete against your friends. Pokerstars has the best software and a way to create private home games.

Do not forget to use good playing cards.

The cost of good playing cards is relatively low. Get a high-quality deck of cards if you need more money to buy good poker chips but still want to enjoy a great game.