Out on the Las Vegas Poker Tournament Circuit

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So after months and months of playing solely online poker and then taking the poker training with David and Ari, I am finally full-fledged out playing live poker.  It has been a really long time and I worried I may have trouble adjusting.  Other than the fact that I can sometimes get bored because of playing only one game at a time, I have to say I’ve really missed live poker.  And am pumped about all the options I have from now through the summer.

The past week I’ve played five live poker tournaments – made semi to deep runs, but only cashed in one (Aria).  The two Deep Stacks were by far the most frustrating. I don’t like to whine about bad beats, because it is part of poker.  So I won’t spell them all out for you, because I know no one wants to hear it, but I will simply say it does hurt pretty bad to play for hours and hours and end up losing when ahead over and over again.

That being said, I am on fire for this game now more than ever.  I have made amazing reads, great plays, huge laydowns and massive comebacks from the dregs of nothingness after a lot of these beats.  I feel I am thinking harder than ever and playing at the top of my game, but the physical part of all this is wearing on me terribly.  Long periods with no eating, drinking too much water and hence running once an orbit to a restroom, having this horrible ringing sensation in my ears from my iPod ear buds being in there all day long (and I’m not even listening to music 80% of the time)….I would say this has been the hardest adjustment.   Playing in my robe, grabbing snacks from the kitchen, having a laptop to take to the bathroom if need be….well those things have made me very posh and comfy over the past few months.  So I’m still easing in.

I am enjoying the blatant transparency and obviousness of players and their hand ranges/strengths.  I enjoy the large amounts of free info I get from everyone showing me their cards when I make these “huge laydowns.”  I swear, if I struggle at all before folding, even if it’s an act, people are so quick to show you what they had.  I, on the other hand, NEVER show unless I’m showing down.  Period.  I keep myself pretty guarded at the poker table, so another hard part has been the socializing.  I’m a pretty nice person and I love to chat, but then it can become hard to get back “in the zone” and I seem to always get at the table that wants to laugh and joke around.  Sometimes hard to separate all that from the game.

The past couple performances have been disappointing and I’m trying SO very hard to take it like a pro and bounce back the next day.  I keep hearing David and Ari’s voices in my head telling me to “keep emotion out of the game” and that “even winning players only win 8% of the time” and all the other various bits of wisdom imparted on me back about six weeks ago at training.  And so I plow forth.

So the game plan from here is another Venetian Deep Stack tomorrow (Thurs Apr 8), the Pink Ladies Poker Tour event at Golden Nugget (Fri Apr 9) and then the Jen Harman charity event to benefit the Nevada SPCA on Tuesday (Apr 13) at Venetian.   Hoping to start running a bit better and to play even better than I could hope to run.  See you on the tables.



I really like your blog,I have a similar story when playing poker.I tried not get involved emotionally,what i do, right now if i get bust out.I will make a plan like playing 1-2 03 2-5 nl holdem or I can play at night tournament at the Orleans.I always do my accounting at the end of the year always ended up more money i won than i lost.That’s why I never give up poker yet I have 1 title and 6 cashes for the past 4 year’s of playing.Someday I know i will hit the big one and i will keep on playing,regardless of bad beat or good run.

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